Welcome to our new weekly series of wellbeing videos 'Wellbeing Shorts' to help support the mental health of students, parents and staff in these strange and unprecedented times.

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  • 21/04/21

    Wellbeing Short 12: Sometimes my Mind Wanders

    Look back with fondness, look forward with anticipation but never forget to open the gift that is the present. Thank you to Nathan Wells for this week's wellbeing video. 
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  • 14/04/21

    Wellbeing Short 11: Still Worrying

    'Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace.'The new Wellbeing short from Nathan Wells called 'Still Worrying' is out today and well worth a watch as we navigate this next chapter of lockdown easing.
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  • 24/03/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 10 - How to Power Up

    In our final Wellbeing Short of the Spring term, Nathan Wells brings together the research from this series of lockdown support videos and provides the answer to the question 'What is it that Powers us up?"
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  • 17/03/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 9 - Sleep

    Sleep and mental health are closely connected and this week we discuss the importance of sleep, why we may have trouble sleeping and how we can improve the quality and quantity of our sleep. 
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  • 10/03/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 8 - Lies

    We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry. This week's new Wellbeing Short is about the lies we tell ourselves and how to start concentrating on the beautiful truth.
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  • 03/03/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 7 - Stress & Anxiety

    The greatest weapon we have over stress and anxiety is the ability to choose one thought over another. This week's wellbeing video from Nathan Wells, our OLICAT Schools Wellbeing Lead, discusses ways of managing stress and anxiety.
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  • 23/02/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 6: Connections

    Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. Our video this week explores the importance of relationships to wellbeing and contentment.
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  • 10/02/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 5: Kindness

    This week, Nathan Wells, OLICAT Lead for Wellbeing, looks at kindness.  There are many benefits of kindness; not just in kindness to others but also in being kind to ourselves.
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  • 02/02/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 4: The Nurture of Nature

    Join us on a woodland walk!  Today we are focusing on the benefits of being outside and the unexpected effects on our mental health and wellbeing
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  • 26/01/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 3: Gratitude

    Exploring the positive mental and physical effects of counting our blessings and appreciating those who support us. What do you have to be thankful for today? 
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  • 21/01/21

    Wellbeing Shorts 2: Daydreams

    This week, Nathan Wells talks to us about Daydreams and how to focus on becoming more present. 
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  • 13/01/21

    Shorts Week 1: Controlling Worry

    This week, Nathan Wells, our Education and Wellbeing Lead, talks about worry and how we can help to control it.
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