As a family of schools, inspired by Our Lady Immaculate, we flourish, we love, and we aspire to be who God has called us to be. 

We are a community of 12 Catholic schools across Northamptonshire and Bedford, with over 2000 students and 600 staff. We believe that we are stronger together and that we can be much more than our collective parts. 

We work together, learn from one another, share ideas and support each other, as we aspire for excellence in all of our schools. 

Our mission statement is not just words, this is how we need to live and breathe as a Trust if we are to be the Catholic MAT we want to be, if we are to get that extra for our pupils that together, we can achieve. 

Values; with Christ at our centre

We strive to be beacons of faith and excellence in Catholic Education

We seek to provide schools of hospitality and welcome so that partnerships are strong and faithful with parents and our communities

We commit to tending to the needs of the whole child with care and diligence

We encourage the spirit of individuality among our schools

We expect a leadership of service and kindness as a hallmark of all our schools