Please find below our OLICAT Sustainability Strategy.

Our Sustainability teams across the Trust transform ideas and words into action. 

Educators and young people care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire to actively protect our planet, they have high expectations of working in solidarity with others. Environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity-loss or plastic pollution are huge global issues. 

It is the aim of OLICAT schools to work together in partnership with our children, staff, parents, the Diocese and our communities to make a contribution to tackle sustainability. 

The 7 R's of sustainable practice are:

  • Rethink - Think about the type of consumer we want to be and what this means for the environment.
  • Refuse - Think before purchasing and be prepared to not buy at all. Buy less and buy products that do the least harm to the environment.
  • Reduce - Buy less, buy products that have little or no packaging and that last a long time, borrow instead of buy, and compost. Items that are no longer needed or used are donated or sold.  
  • Reuse - Upcycle instead of throw away. Example: glass jars can be used to store dry goods.  
  • Repair -Try to fix items before disposing of them. Our current culture has been called a "throwaway society" because more items end up in the landfill than need to. This harms the environment and uses more of the earth's resources to make new items.
  • Regift - When you regift, you give someone a gift that you received from someone else. Passing it on to someone who will enjoy it more than you is a good thing. Follow this etiquette: You are certain the gift is something the recipient would enjoy. The gift is brand new and comes in its original box. The gift isn't handmade or a family treasure.
  • Recycle - Put things back into the waste stream to be used again for something else. Glass is used for roads, plastics are melted down to make new products, and the organic waste that we compost is used to fertilize our gardens.