Please find below our moments of prayer and reflection that are posted here weekly during the time of school closures.

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  • 07/01/21

    8th January Reflection

    With many thanks to Monsignor Kevin McGinnell VF, who is the Episcopal Vicar for Education and Formation for the Diocese of Northampton.
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  • 18/12/20

    End of Term Reflection

    Advent Message from Tony Bishop, Executive Lead of OLICAT Schools to all parents across the Trust.
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  • 04/12/20

    4th December Reflection

    Today's prayer is about the symbol of light. We invite you to light a candle and enjoy a few minutes of quiet reflection with us. Thank you to Ms Sumpter, Headteacher at St Joseph's & St Gregory's Primary in Bedford. 
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  • 27/11/20

    27th November Reflection

    In anticipation of Advent, with many thanks to members of the Junior Chaplaincy Team at St Joseph's & St Gregory's Primary in Bedford
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  • 19/11/20

    20th November Reflection

    We are delighted to be joined by the Year 9 Senior Ethos Team at Thomas Becket Secondary in Northampton today. Thank you for leading our weekly reflection. 
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  • 13/11/20

    Prayer Chain Reflections

    Thank you to Helen Burgess, Chaplaincy Coordinator at St Thomas More Secondary in Bedford for putting together this beautiful collection of prayers and special memories from the monthly Prayer Chain
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  • 06/11/20

    6th November Weekly Reflection

    Today we focus on St Vincent de Paul, who brought clothing, medicine and food to those in need, as an example to us all of reaching out to others. 
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  • 23/10/20

    23rd October Weekly Reflection

    This week's reflection is brought to you from Northampton Cathedral, with our thanks to Deacon Andrew Coy. 
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  • 15/10/20

    Weekly Reflection 16th October 2020

    With many thanks to Clare Ward, Year 6 Teacher, Reading and Chaplaincy Lead, at St Joseph's & St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Bedford.
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  • 09/10/20

    Catholic Schools Week Reflection

    "Each life is a jigsaw made up of millions of experiences, stories, friendships and dreams" (anon.) With thanks to Rose Darwin, regional Chaplain for our schools in Northampton, and Mr McLoughlin, Headteacher at Thomas Becket Secondary School. 
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  • 02/10/20

    2nd Oct Weekly Reflection

    Thank you to Mrs Lovesey, Head of RE at St Thomas More Secondary in Bedford for leading us in a moment of reflection and prayer
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  • 25/09/20

    25th September Reflection

    Reflecting on Prayer - with thanks this week to Mrs Dimmock, Assistant Head Teacher of St Joseph's & St Gregory's, Bedford. 
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