Our Lady Immaculate Feast Day

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of the Patron of our Trust of Schools, Our Lady Immaculate

December 8th is a special day for our community of schools and we invite you to join us as we say our Trust Prayer and give thanks to everyone involved in our OLICAT family. 

Our Lady Immaculate, patron of our Trust of Schools, we seek your prayers today for each of us.

As we reflect on your image, we notice the circle of stars around your head. We are reminded of the bright stars, the followers of Jesus, who brought the Gospel message to people of every generation.

As a family of schools we too are called by God to share the good news as you did so that we all can flourish, love and aspire.

As we look at the night sky, the multitude of stars, we are thankful that our schools too are shining brightly, with the presence of your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. And that we too with your help and prayers can be his missionary disciples sharing His Gospel message of Hope.

Our Lady Immaculate, Pray for us